How to Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids At Home Naturally?

Hemorrhoids which are most commonly known as piles will occur if the veins located in the rectal or anal area become enlarged as well as irritated. The swollen veins or tissues will bulge and in some cases may go outside the rectum.

This results into pain and bleeding when making the bowel movement. Hemorrhoid is a disease which is not very common but if you get it you cannot ignore it as it can cause serious complications. Although, hemorrhoid is not deadly but if you are going through this disease, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing too.

There are two main types of hemorrhoids that are known. These are internal and external type. The internal type of hemorrhoids cannot easily be distinguished since they are located inside the anus while those lumps that you see outside are the external types of piles. In some cases it is seen that internal pile dies on their own even without any medical intervention.

However, internal as well as external piles in many cases are painful during your bowel movement or in sitting position. In addition to that, the external type cannot be treated on their own so it is best to cure it the soonest possible time. Neglecting hemorrhoids may cause you further complications and may result in severe pain and bleeding.

There has been several medical as well as natural hemorrhoid treatment introduced in the market for treating bleeding hemorrhoids. These may range from ubiquitous hemorrhoid cream and lotions to the range of pills.

But too many of these remedies only provide temporary relief from hemorrhoids and might also show some or other side effects to the sufferers. As a result more and more people now believe in using the natural and holistic treatment options to treat bleeding hemorrhoids.

This treatment procedure starts with treating the root of initial problem which is basically constipation. One the problem of constipation is controlled and treated then other further methods is employed for treating the pain of piles in a natural way.

Application of natural products such as sandalwood or sesame oil on the piles proves to be effective in reducing the pain of external hemorrhoids. There are lots of other things that you can try out for hemorrhoids home treatment. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Apply either a hot or cold compress on the affected area for 10-20 minutes. This is effective and can provide you hemorrhoid relief soon.
  2. Take a warm bath. This will also have the same effect as above. Avoid using scented products on the affected area. These may have strong chemicals that can cause further inflammation and increasing pains.
  3. Always use cotton underwear and panties to allow easy air circulation to the inflamed area.
  4. Add enough fiber and liquid products in your diet. This will make easybowel movements and helps you in avoiding the strain. Strain and uneasy bowel movements is one of the most important causes of hemorrhoid and you should try to control this.
  5. Avoid eating spicy food and drinking beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine. These can worsen the conditions.
  6. Try to keep a check on your body weight. Since excess weight can add more pressure to your anal area you should try to control your weight.

Overall, internal hemorrhoids as well as external hemorrhoids are well cured using the natural ayurvedic hemorrhoid treatment. These are better than hemorrhoid surgery and are very helpful in treating the hemorrhoid symptoms.

If you have tired of using all the ineffective medicines and creams you should now go for natural and holistic treatment options for treating bleeding hemorrhoids. This encourages you to lead the healthy lifestyles by providing you a lifestyle change that is healthy for you.