Importance of Drug Safety Measures

In many countries you cannot get a drug without proper prescription from a licensed practitioner. But this is not practiced in many countries. This is actually safe measure because there would be no unwanted use of the drug by the person who is not in need of the medicines actually. You might have heard that there is an imperative need to know about the drug safety measures.

Vigilance is essential in any field and surely its importance is great in medical field. Pharmaco vigilance is the special field of medicine where the specialist take care of the drugs and the adverseness created by it. They continuously monitor the drugs and assess it for the safety use by the human population or the animal population.

With the drug one may get adverse reactions, benefits, side effects, drug interaction, harm, risks or any other thing. The vigilance officers see that the percentage of benefit is more than any other negative effects. The main duty of a vigilance officer in pharmaceutical department would be to check the drug and give constant adverse event report if any lag is found in any drugs. They find it through 4 best methods.

They call it as 4 elements which are very essential when making adverse event report. They are:-

  • an identifiable patient
  • an identifiable reporter
  • a suspect drug
  • an adverse event

The report should consist of all or atleast 3 of the above mentioned elements so that the report becomes valid and the case will be taken for further study. Or else it would be a dropped off case. Such an officer is very essential to be present in each district as drug safety is very important as it serves the human health. With any improperly manufactured drug there may be serious adverse reactions and this may affect the health of many people.

There are certain reports submitted by the vigilance officer after the medication research which contain serious case and the case would be considered very important the decision would be declared in an urgent manner.

These reports would contain the adverse events which are life threatening, fatal, results in organ anomaly, congenital hazards, permanent disability, or the worst medical negligence. Any of these mistakes would be taken immediate attention by the FDA and the license of the drug would be cancelled. So drug safety is much important in any drug for any patient as life is involved here.