Invisalign for Teens: Things You Should Know About

Wearing a good smile is the best gift that you can ever give to anyone. Most of you pull back your smile because of ugly arrangements of teeth. However, you often diagnose and try to correct it in your teenage itself. But wearing a metal brace in teenage is as sick as stapling our teeth.

They are discomfort and equally annoying though you have to wear it for longer durations. Not to worry, better treatments are available and Invisalign for teens is one among them. Invisalign teen is cosmetically enhanced method for aligning teeth without using metal braces for younger patients.

Invisaligners are dental aligners which are fully removable and almost invisible and function like dental braces. These are more advanced than braces so you can enjoy things completely without any restrictions and the result will be more effective within shorter period of time.

They are made up of thin plastics so you won’t get injuries as seen in metal wires and brackets. They are developed in 3D imaging technology so works accurate and fits into top and bottom teeth correctly.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisaligners put pressure on teeth and shift them out of misalignment to alignment. Invisalign teen has a blue dot indicator which fades away after two weeks of wear. This helps to determine that movements are complete and ready for next turn.

You would get a set of new aligners every two weeks so that your teeth gradually shift to corrected position. Over time, all the small movements would add up to big change. It is proven that wearing it for 20-22 hours a day and removing only when having food and cleaning gives you far better result.

Does Invisalign cost effective?

It is a misconception that Invisalign Phoenix costs much. But average cost of this treatment is similar to dental braces. It might be initially more expensive, but a fewer sitting is enough to achieve result while dental braces need more visits and costs much in total. It is better to seek advice from your orthodontist about its expense and efficiency.

What happens if your child loses an aligner?

You need not to panic, if your teen loses an aligner. Invisalign teen usually comes with six complimentary replacement aligners. So just in case if your child loses original set, you can replace it with complimentary one. Even if you don’t have complimentary set, you can contact your orthodontist and get one. And it is lost just before the next turn then better move on to next set of aligners.

Are there any restrictions for Invisalign?

With metal braces there is lot of restrictions with food which makes teen more difficult. They hardly follow diet restrictions because who skips their favorite food? But it is sad to meet the consequences because of that. While in the case of Invisalign, there are no dietary regulations.

Invisaligners are very easy to remove and can enjoy your favorite food stuffs. You can also skip wearing it during any social or family events. In the case of metal brackets you cannot voluntarily remove it.

Convenience is the main reason for opting Invisalign. Invisaligners are available not only for teens but also for adults. So, get back your smile faster in the most convenient way.