Receding Gums: Causes and Treatment

Gum recession is a common dental problem, while many people do not know about it as it occurs very naturally and slowly in humans.

The first and foremost sign of gun recession is tooth sensitivity. Yet another added symptom is tooth looking longer than usual.

Now getting to the main factor, gum recession is something that you can never ignore and right care at the right time can save you from unwanted medical expenses.

Factors why gum recede?

There are various reasons why gums could recede while the most common reasons and symptoms are as listed below:

  • bacterial gum infections destroying gum tissue and supporting bone
  • your heredity and genes
  • aggressive brushing of your teeth – either too hard or wrong way of brushing
  • insufficient dental care
  • hormonal changes
  • use of tobacco products
  • grinding or continuous clenching of your teeth

Treatment for receding gums and how to avoid it in future

A dental specialist can identify gum receding instantly. Hence, the first and foremost care for gum receding is to visit a dental expert.

You need to also understand an important factor of gum receding; once your gum starts receding the damaged tissue can never grow back. Hence there is no permanent solution to gum receding only you can control the way receding spreads further.

If poor dental hygiene is the cause then a dental expert can help you with cleaning the roots on a regular basis.

While regular clean ups are mild solution, gum recession can also be controlled with long term and effective solutions like scaling and root planning. This will help in clearing tartar from the root and also reduce gum recession.

Yet another long term solution to gum recession is gum grafting. This procedure involves removing gum tissue from other part of the mouth and placing it in space that is affected. Once the receding gums treatment Chicago is complete, the grafted gums shall help in protecting tooth and also nil recession.

Receding gums cannot be ignored and need immediate attention. Make sure to consult a doctor immediately you experience pain in gums.