The Pros And Cons Of Nutrisystem Diet Plan

In today’s society the majority of people are focused on weight gain and weight loss. Despite there being a numerous amount of weight loss drugs and appetite suppressants available for purchase these are not always the healthiest means of shedding those unwanted pounds.

In recent years many individuals have begun using alternative means to losing weight, such as changing one’s lifestyle and exercising more frequently.

This article will provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of one such lifestyle change: the Nutrisystem weight loss diet.

The Advantages

The Food

Many people do not maintain a weight loss diet plan due to the lack of variety and need to eliminate any ‘fun foods’. The Nutrisystem weight loss diet is completely unique in that it has a greater amount of food options AND allows for comfort foods, such as burgers and pizza. This system offers both shelf and frozen foods allowing one to scrounge for a quick treat or eat a large number of meals per day. Unlike other diet plans, the Nutrisystem plan ensures one will not be hungry or denied enjoyable foods.

The Convenience

Maintaining a diet plan can be a very challenging task with the difficulties of shopping for diet plan approved foods. Being honest, food shopping is time-consuming when not on a diet but when seeking out the required foods one is likely to throw in the towel and deem the plan too much effort. Furthermore, one would have to pre-plan the meals and ensure they are cooked suitably so as to reduce the amount of calories. The Nutrisystem diet plan takes all of these concerns into account and presents with prepackaged frozen meals. This allows one to enjoy meals without the effort of planning and preparing independently.

The Support

Many weight loss plans do not present with any support or guidance from health care professionals, which can result in one tossing the diet plan to the dogs. Research has shown that challenging activities are easier to manage when the individual obtains support from others. The Nutrisystem program’s support groups offer both fact to face and online counseling to meet a person’s convenience. The groups also offer work out tips and motivational literature to ensure that one does not lose faith in the diet plan.

 The Disadvantages

The Cost

Unfortunately, the Nutrisystem diet plan does present with a large cost. While the majority of diet programs are free, the Nutrisystem program provides free information on the official website but one is required to purchase the prepackaged meals. Of course, all diet meals include cost with specialty ingredients being expensive and the Nutrisystem meals may be less costly than this. The cost can then be seen as both an advantage and disadvantage.

The No Cooking Feature

While many individuals are pleased to receive prepackaged meals prepared by another individual, there are those who prefer to cook their own meals. As the primary component of the Nutrisystem program is eating approved meals, one will have to eliminate the cooking aspect of food preparation. This may be disappointing for those who enjoy cooking.