Understanding Lung Cancer and Its Behavioural Pattern

Cancer – be it of any kind is dangerous and can be life threatening. When it is lung cancer, the cancerous starts with affecting cells in lungs that grows to damage and kill other tissue. When cancer starts in lungs, it is termed as primary lungs cancer and can start spreading to other parts of body in no time.

The initial stages of lung cancer begin with your lungs not performing normally or do not perform its normal function. Such kind of abnormal behaviour with lungs can then lead to formation of various cancerous cells that can then spread into various parts of your body.

Lung cancer can be divided into two different types

Non small cell lung cancer – This kind of cell cancer starts with damaging the outer part of your lungs. They can initially start to be thin, flat and then spread to parts of lungs. There are various types of non small cell lung cancer that are rare and not mostly common.

Small cell lung cancer – This kind of lung cancer usually starts with affecting the bronchi and then spreads into your lungs. They are the air passages and any kind of abnormal growth in this part of lung can cause permanent damage to your lungs.

Now the way tumours grow in your body can be of two kinds. There is malignant tumour that grows in one part of the body but does not spread to any other body part. This kind of tumour can be removed with appropriate treatment and post medical care can ensure that tumour cells do not grow again.

The second kind of tumor or cancerous cells is the malignant cancer that spreads to other parts of the body through your blood vessels. Once the cancerous cells are spread to various parts of your body then it becomes very difficult o control the way it affects a human body.

Primary and secondary cancer is different and requires different treatment methodology in countries like Malaysia. While it is difficult to identify different kind of cancerous cells; it is required for you to carry your medical test from time to time.

What are the various treatment methods for lung cancer?

There are various treatment methods for lung cancer that can result in removing cancerous cells from your body. Few such treatment methods are as follows:

  • chemotherapy
  • radiation technique
  • targeted treatments and removal of specific cells
  • immunotherapy

Now each of these treatment methods has its own side effects and does not always ensure smooth transition of tumour cells removal.