Benefits of EMDR Therapy Or Counseling

EMDR Therapy or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Counseling is a precious tool that has assisted a number of people to get rid of the trauma effects from their lives.

Comprising of an eight- stage procedure, the counseling targets the beliefs of the patients changing their thought procedure about their past, future and present and the negative experiences which cover them.

EMDR therapy has been used to treat patients with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression and anxiety. But it yields benefits to anyone and everyone who goes for it.

If you are suffering from relationship problems, then also EMDR is useful.

Apart from healing the memories of traumatizing events, it also works to lower down the fear of being alone in a person’s mind or their lack of trust in others, especially those who have undergone violence.

Here are some of the ways in which EMDR counseling or therapy can help you:

  1. Change your belief

A lot of us subconsciously have self-limiting beliefs depending on the bad and unhappy experiences of our past. Maybe a rejection in your childhood could have led you to experience as your presence is a burden to people around you.

So, you take little less space on seats you share on the bus or couch unless straightaway asked. Beliefs of getting perfect or being not worthy of the love you get may be related back to incidents of childhood trauma or a major breakup in the past.

EMDR counseling helps in taking away all the negative belief power and shows you that the thoughts are just an interpretation of the events and it holds more valid and better interpretations for you.

  1. Recovery from trauma

Psychologists suggest EMDR for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as it has given extremely efficient results in processing these types of trauma.

By means of bi-lateral stimulation, both sides of your brain are integrated to reprocess distressing memories. EDMR has helped in curing a multitude of life traumas like depression, bullying, divorce, anxiety, abuse, nightmares and more.

  1. A good track record to results

EMDR counseling takes a different approach that the talk therapy does. The problems that patients talk which they have suffered in their past life are resolved in just a handful of sessions.

You do not have to divulge all the details of your past experiences in EMDR therapy which helps a lot especially to those who have trouble vocalizing.

  1. Helps to manage small stresses before they multiply

Your daily stresses add up a lot over time if not handled properly and can lead to absolute burnout. You do not have to wait till you feel absolutely overwhelmed about it.

Going for EMDR counseling and therapy sessions from time to time can help you lower all the stress that you have been carrying.

  1. Continuing self-improvement

EMDR therapy is precious for all. It is not just limited to those who are consciously suffering.

Changing negative beliefs can enhance your relationships, creativity and innovation level, health, work performance and so much more. By silencing the voice which says “I can’t or why bother” you can easily unwind your real potential.

The need and belief in EMDR counseling is increasing day by day and it is simply because its results are wonderful. Many and many people have got relief from it and thus its craze is increasing with every passing day.

So, if you are also in need of it then do not make any delay and just go for it and you will surely find it useful. Check out the reviews online from others and you will feel confident going for it.