Callus Removal Tips and Home Remedies You Can Follow Easily

Have you ever thought of procuring the best treatment for callus removal? The market is overloaded with so many OTC creams and ointments, which claim to remove callus from under your feet.

Using those cosmetic products is nothing but waste of time and money, when you have so many homely remedies right by your side.

You just have to go through the internet to look for the options and start applying those for help. There are thousands to choose from.

Using oil and other mix

Olive oil can be your perfect callus remover solution. You are always asked to apply warm olive oil on your affected area. After that, wear cotton socks and leave hat oil on the area overnight.

That’s enough time for your skin to soak the oil, soften your foot, and reduce calluses.

You can even try getting the sesame oil and wheat germ mixture as another homemade callus treatment. You have to mix these two ingredients. After that warm this mixture a little bit and right at this point, add some sesame seeds to mixture.

Now, it is time for you to wait and let the oil cool down a bit to the room temperature. Now, you can apply this mixture on callus daily until the foot is healed completely.

Some bonus tips to follow

There are certain other bonus tips for you to follow, while trying hard to remove calluses from feet. You can take one slice of onion and sprinkle some salt and lemon juice on it. After that, tape this to your callus for the rest of the night.

Make sure to repeat this process for a week and that can help in removing callus completely. These steps are easy and can cover your services well. Just follow these simple steps and avoid spending money for the market products.