Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment

GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is marked by prevalent worry. It gradually shaped into undue distress with plethora of daily things occurring beyond the scope of specific phobias and anxiety.

If, you talk about kids, the anxiety is basically because of their performance in school or due to extreme burden of studies.

A basic aspect of GAD is that the anxiety is focused internally.

The child may feel tensed, fatigued, restless, irritated and also face trouble while sleeping. The anxiety affects the life of the child.

Usually the basic reason for generalized anxiety disorder is genetic factor.

However, children who experience the disorder carry negative temperaments and are likely to be avoidant.


One can diagnose GAD when the anxiety of the child is beyond her control. It relies on several activities such as distress.

One can differentiate GAD from worry on the basis of its excessive-ness, longer time, restlessness, loss of focus, trouble sleeping, muscle tension and fatigue.


Anxiety in kids can be cured with cognitive behavioral therapy. While searching for the best anxiety therapy near me centers you can get access to some of the best solutions that can help your child.

Child is also treated by exposure therapy, where they are exposed to the stressed circumstances and then taught the techniques to handle the distressed response.

Another way is to teach the kid about the symptoms of the illness and how she can make her thinking lower down her anxiety.

Being careful about the symptoms and signs of GAD is important for a parent. Kids and teenagers don’t understand what actually anxiety is and this is how the problem grows.

If your kids has irrational fears or is scared to make mistakes, then they could have Generalized anxiety disorder.

If they are regularly seeking approval and assurance from you, then they certainly need help to deal with this feeling.

Give your kid a good environment and open mind treatment for better healing. 10 to 20 sessions might be feasible for a kid to get rid of their anxiety feeling.