Yeast Infection in Boys: How Common It Is?

Infections are of many types, yeast infection is one among them. Yeast infection is more common in boys than girls. Yeast infection is also common among infants and young children. Generally yeast infection develops in an atmosphere which is warm and wet. So for a baby, his diaper may be the main reason for the infection.

There are multiple reasons for the yeast infection to occur in boys. A type of yeast infection called candidiasis which is caused by the organism called candida. This is normally found in the human body, but when there is a favourable atmosphere for the organism to grow it causes infection. This infection even occurs in the new born. This is very painful.

Antibiotics are one of the main reasons for the yeast infection. If the mother who is breast feeding takes antibiotics or if the baby is prescribed antibiotics for any reason then it is more likely for yeast infection to occur. This is because antibiotics not only kill the harmful bacteria, but also the friendly bacteria which are present in the human body. This friendly bacterium is very essential for the human body. When this is destroyed, there is a room created for the other infections to grow.

Yeast infections in boys also occur due to poor immune system. When the person’s immune system is weakened, then not only yeast infections any other disorders may also develop. According to a research high sugar foods also cause yeast infections.

It has been proven that under the proper atmosphere and certain diets the amount of yeast in the body can be doubled in an hour. Foods should be tightly packed in the air tight containers, because moisture gives enough chances for the yeast to develop.

Yeast infection can also occur due to sexual intercourse. This is because the vaginal atmosphere is very friendly for the yeast to grow. Another main reason for the yeast infection is the stress. When there are high levels of stress then it weakens the immune system. Poor immune system leaves way for the development of the yeast infection in boys.

Many feel shy to consult the doctor regarding this problem. Today there are tons of male yeast infection treatments available. But while trying out any of these options you need to be cautions as not all are genuine and cannot provide you the desired positive results. First of all you should know that the most popular male yeast infection treatment includes the same products that are used to treat the problem in females.

It is therefore very essential for you to get an immediate male yeast infection treatment that is most helpful for you and can solve the problem permanently. Also this should be natural and effective.